hair growth remedies for women by stimulating the vital functions of hair

index1To keep beautiful hair, it is essential to pay attention to the vital functions of the hair: blood circulation, lubrication sebum, keratinization and tissue tone. In case of baldness in women, it is possible to reactivate regrowth by stimulating the vital functions of the hair.

hair growth remedies for women -Reactivate the blood circulation of the scalp

Circulation is part of the vital functions of the hair. It can convey vital nutrients to the scalp. Irrigation is done through several vessels through the papilla of hair follicles. The scalp and feeds on nutrients transported.

In case of disruption, the blood vessels are compressed by local micro-tensions, blood can no longer flow freely to the roots. The hair will suffer from this poor irrigation.

To overcome this compression must then act by vasodilatation. The key is to keep the length of the life cycles of hair, anticipating falls and thus reactivate regrowth.

hair growth remedies for women -Re keratinization of hair

Keratinisation ensures manufacturing keratins through keratinocyte progenitor cells which are the hair. The latter is composed of 95% keratin which is a tough, fibrous protein.

Keratinization allows protection of the scalp against external agents. Keratin gives the hair its strength, shine and elasticity.

In case of abuse in women hair, keratin is refined, whitens and loses its quality. It is then re keratinization to allow feeding, tighten and strengthen the natural twist of this protein, reduce hair loss and have regrowth.

hair growth remedies for women -Reactivate the tone fabrics

The tissue tone enables the hair to be flexible by the presence of collagen fibers to be firm and solid and by epithelial ducts. It provides a dense and strong hair.

If the hair lose their tone, hair becomes less flexible and tough. And reactivating this function it is possible to regrowth of hair with a thicker gauge.

Re lubricating hair

Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands acting as a bactericide and lubricator. It must spread on the hair.

Lubricating sebum is essential to protect the scalp against external aggressions. It gives the hair its flexibility and shine.

If hormonal or other abnormality in women, sebum can not be discharged outside. Freeing evacuation sebum reactivates lubrication and have a free flow of blood. The goal is to have a healthy ecosystem supports regrowth hair roots.

Although it is generally recognized that increased hair loss occurs relatively quickly after discontinuation of treatment, none of the studies had reported data on the sustainability of treatment efficacy nor on the possible impact of hair growth, reflected by a decrease in the time spent by women to style the hair or the use of wigs.

Future research should aim to provide evidence to enable people to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of these treatments, and about the sustainability of effects after treatment discontinuation.

What can you do to avoid losing your hair if you know that this could happen ? You can take action before the process begins , or you have to wait until they start to thin out your hair ?