homemade hair growth remedies – useful and effective tips for healthy hair and they do not promise miracles

para-crecimiento-pelo1Your hair is ugly, frizzy or damaged by bleaching or plate? Here are some effective natural remedies for hair beautiful and healthy!

First of all you need to cure your diet. To cope with hair loss and hair healthy and beautiful, you can not skip the table: seeds and sunflower oil, hazelnuts, almonds and almond oil, wheat germ oil and fresh whole wheat, whole grains, egg yolk ‘eggs, orange peel, salmon, cod liver oil, and fruits and vegetables (especially beans, carrots, parsley, beets, broccoli, and spinach).

To give volume and shine to your hair, you introduce into the bean diet, yeast, eggs, milk, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins A and C, which is needed for the production of sebum (an oily substance sebum is secreted the hair follicles, essential for the growth of natural hair), vitamin B5 strengthens, reduces the formation of split ends, making hair easy and slow gray combed it.

Here are some useful and effective tips for healthy hair and some natural hair mask recipes for DIY Natural Remedies to have beautiful and healthy hair is beautiful – natural treatments for beautiful and healthy hair – the natural solution for DIY hair you will achieve great results usual and save money by avoiding expensive to buy a mask that they do not promise miracles.

  • For dry hair. Extra virgin olive oil gives shine and softness to the hair. Squeeze a few drops on dry hair, over the whole length of the hair. It is possible to work through the night, and wash until clean.
  • To prevent split ends: mix one egg yolk with a few drops of lemon and add a tablespoon of honey dissolved in a water bath. Apply the mixture on your hair and massage the scalp for a few minutes, and then proceed to regular shampoo.
  • For dry hair: Amalgam one egg yolk with one tablespoon of the olive oil and sweet almond oil. Applicable in the entire length of the hair and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then wash the head.
  •  To get shiny hair and shiny: heated in a water bath of olive oil and distribute it on dry hair, from root to tip. Take the cling film and wrap your head completely. Then rinse your head with water alone.
  • For brittle hair: Mix one cup of yogurt with a tablespoon of honey, spread evenly across the length of the hair, wrap with plastic wrap and let stand one hour. Rinse and wash.
  • For dull hair:Pour half a lemon squeezed into the rinse water.
  •  Brittle and prone to hair oil: Mix the yogurt jars with lemon or orange juice not from the fridge. If your hair is long, you can add mashed very ripe bananas. Keep posing twenty minutes to wrap everything in plastic wrap and then wash your hair.
  • For hair damaged by chlorine. Take an egg, the egg-shell full of olive oil and cetriolo.Frulla all and put on the hair for 10 minutes. Then the lava. Repeat once a month.
  • To nourish hair: Mix two tablespoons of ground almonds with two sweet almond oil. Dealing on the hair from root to tip, wrap in plastic wrap and cover with a warm towel. Wait half an hour before washing with a special shampoo.
  • Treated Hair To: Prepare cream with three tablespoons of honey and three warm water, apply on hair and wait an hour before washing it with a mild shampoo. To maintain flavor, choose a shampoo with honey.
  • For damaged hair: Let soak for an hour two tablespoons of oatmeal in hot milk, filter everything. Make it cool and apply on hair, let sit a quarter of an hour. Rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo either diluted in water.
  • To strengthen the hair: Prepare a poultice of castor oil with 25ml and 25ml wheat germ oil that will mix 5 drops of rosemary essential oil and 10 ml apple cider vinegar. Apply evenly on dry hair and leave for half an hour around the clock. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Against split ends: to eliminate split ends and the only way to ‘cut them but if they kept reappearing even though all you care this recipe is for you, strengthen and refresh hair. Apply a compress with a few drops of jojoba oil and rosemary oil (if you are blonde replace it with chamomile or rose oil) and after at least an hour wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner with added rosemary oil (or whatever you have chosen). Rinse with water added 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • To stimulate scalp circulation. Nettle plant is one of the most active hair care, stimulate circulation to the scalp to strengthen the grass and increase the supply of nutrients to the hair. It is best to use fresh produce for the best results. Boil for half an hour 100 grams of nettle with half a liter of water and half a liter of white vinegar, filtered and stored in a brown bottle. Massage the skin with lotion before shampooing and leave a lot of ‘probably the hair.
  • For the hair softer and easier to manage: make bell’impasto with the following ingredients: 1/2 cup honey and 1/4 cup olive oil (2 tablespoons for normal hair). Spread it all on the crown. Close the head with a shower cap or Pinzi and let them sit for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with water and pat dry to remove all the air is directed from top to bottom.