tips on natural hair growth remedies with traditional 

images1Since ancient times, anciently beauties harvested roots and herbs, prepared infusions and decoctions. In traditional medicine there are many recipes for hair growth. Choose what is right for you.
Among these recipes can allocate yeast mask, which enjoys good popularity. To prepare it you need to take a tablespoon of sugar or honey, yeast and half sticks half a glass of warm water. In this water dissolve yeast and let them roam for 20 minutes, then apply evenly to the hair and scalp.Excellent helps stimulate hair growth douche prior to massage the skin on the head, a thorough combing with a small press.Use the time-tested traditional methods for hair growth. For example, a mask, in which various oil-based. Usually they are made 1-2 months to hair roots had to be fed with vitamins, it is very important for their growth. From disposable oils will be almost no effect. Use the aloe, hair mask from yogurt , butter mask Bey, peppermint, oil of nutmeg, oil infusion. A salt hair mask apply to the scalp could breathe better.

How to increase natural hair growth remedies

Significantly accelerate the natural hair growth remedies manages through various means, which irritate the hair follicles and thus increase blood flow along with the nutrients to the scalp. Possess such action irritating, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, pepper vodka (tincture of red pepper), etc. These funds ingredients are mixed and members of the masks and massaged into the scalp. Such masks need to wrap with plastic wrap and a towel or cap, ie insulate. The data mask is mainly held between a quarter hour to an hour.

Mask pepper, accelerating natural hair growth remedies

Many believe pepper tincture one of the best and most effective means to accelerate hair growth. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or make yourself. Why need a pod of red pepper oil or insist on vodka for 2-3 weeks, concealing the vessel from light.

Resulting pepper tincture can be added to the composition of the various masks, such as hair mask of mayonnaise. The dwell time at the head mask depends on the sensitivity of your skin. One of the most simple recipes using pepper vodka is as follows: liquid vitamins A and E mix and add 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and a spoonful of pepper tincture. If a mask on his head hard to endure, it must be in the ratio of one to two pepper vodka diluted with water or two tablespoons kefir dissolve it. Mask should be applied with a cotton swab, trying to evenly distribute over the skin.

Pepper mask can cause a variety of sensations. Some do not feel anything, but others complain of severe burning. But this is not the most pleasant burning just hair growth and stimulates. Girls how to adapt the first mask for yourself, some tincture is diluted, and the other is applied in pure form. So as not to dry up hair, a mask with a better start doing gentle option. Better not to abuse pepper tincture and plant it means what some zhirnovat – yogurt or oils. This will keep from drying the scalp.

Mustard mask for better natural hair growth remedies

At home with mustard can accelerate hair growth. It is similar in its properties to the cayenne pepper, but affects the scalp gently.

You will need: 250 ml buttermilk fat, 1 tbsp 2 egg yolks and mustard. Mix ingredients mask and apply first massaging the scalp, and the remainder spread over the hair. If the mask is too too will burn skin, mustard powder next time should be diluted with water with a tablespoon of sugar or strong tea.

Mustard mask scalp

With this mask can simultaneously enhance the growth of hair and scalp care. Mix together the mustard spoon powder, two tablespoons of vegetable oil and a glass of fat yogurt. If you have any favorite essential oil, it is possible to drop 5kapel. The resulting mask rub into the scalp and rinse after 20 minutes. To avoid over-drying the skin and cause dandruff refrain mustard masks frequently than twice a week.

Cinnamon Mask for Hair

Cinnamon is much weaker scalp burns, her pleasant pungent odor and it works on hair growth positively. Cinnamon will work better if you mix it with the dry mix for making colorless henna, then planted it with water and inflict on the hair along their entire length.

How to Use the ginger enhance natural hair growth remedies

If you decide to try a mask for natural hair growth remedies on the basis of ginger, then you need to know that dried ginger burns the skin several times stronger than fresh. Ginger like most hot spices must be diluted with water. A powdered ginger is quite irritating to the skin and therefore it is necessary to put a little bit, not more than half a teaspoon To get a greater effect in dry ginger add hair mask archery. Onions can make hair shiny and skin retain moisture will not, and will annoy ginger hair follicles. Ginger can be added freely in the mask with butter, yogurt and egg yolks.

Fresh ginger is also vastly speed up hair growth. On a fine grater grate the ginger root, squeeze out the juice and spread it on your skin before washing your hair. Ginger juice without flushing to clean hair, do not use because of it so hair will be sticky. This mask is a miracle, except that it accelerates hair growth so it also reduces hair loss. You thus do not risk anything, since almost no fresh ginger spicy.

What better mask increases the rate of natural hair growth remedies?

Many tormented by the question about what is the best means to accelerate the growth of hair – pepper or mustard mask? Singular difference in the application of hot spices to improve blood flow to the scalp – no, they are equally affected. But the properties of these products are important for the growth of hair.

Mustard different prisushivayuschim action. Therefore, it is even used for washing hair. It is best suited to care for oily and normal hair. But if it is used for dry hair, it can cause dandruff.

Pepper vodka and buy and make himself better oil. It contains many beneficial vitamins nourish the hair. Pepper vodka, which currently operates in oil softer than mustard, and it can always be diluted.

That pepper vodka, which is more alcohol dries the skin and may cause irritation. But that’s for oily hair is more suitable than the other options.

Cinnamon and ginger is soft enough medication. But those who have dry hair let them be careful.

Still exist for this purpose Dimexidum masks , but they are mixed reviews so that trust is best natural remedy.

In addition to the use of funds take vitamins. We need to try to get through all the necessary food substances. Them something and hair will be supplied.

Healthy lifestyle and regular caring procedure. This is certainly a positive impact on the dynamics of their hair and growth.