Cornstarch and baking soda is very useful for preventing hair growth

images1Baking soda and cornstarch, and homemade dry shampoo is a common ingredient in the oil absorbs sebum and hair scalp to eliminate odors. Maybe you have excessive oil on the skin, can be used by using baking soda and cornstarch, and it is very useful for removing moisture for drying and curing. If you use to remove unwanted hair, is a beneficial effect for skin preparation.

You should know that in hair growth, bicarbonate of soda and corn are not able to prevent, or even vice versa. Aids in the process of waxing, During this period, can result in reducing hair growth. Buying groceries cornstarch. It is usually located near the entrance to the cake flour. Cornstarch which is a kind of white powder made from cornstarch and is very thin.
In cooking and baking, it is used to thicken Sodium bicarbonate, also the same consistency of white powder, with cleaning products found in the cooking or as it is also a household deodorant.

Applying cornstarch or baking soda

One of the powder in the box that will be polished with a powder puff, cosmetic brush or hands. Fine powder revealed vellus hair (light) that are difficult to detect even for hair removal as a whole.

More importantly, the powder absorbs moisture from the skin and more oil if the wax sticks to the hair. The powder can also be sprinkled on the surface of the wax immediately after waxing to help ease the pain and absorb the blood that may be derived from the root of the hair. Let the powder for a few minutes; Then wipe with a clean towel.

But, many people also say that in preventing hair growth, can be used in other ways such as:

The first measure you can take is to limit the consumption of red meat. excess sebum secretion is closely related to animal fat. If you suspect that the error can be thyroid, trying to fit in eating algae which is rich in youdium. Do not drink tap water because it contains chlorine, which inhibits the absorption of iodine. Make sure also that you are getting enough fatty acids in the diet, which means that often consume nuts, flax seeds, fish and avocados.

Another useful drug is biotin, which encourage hair growth and improve the health of the scalp. One can get from nuts, brown rice and wheat. A vitamin B complex can reinforce and strengthen your hair follicles – a daily dose of 100 mg, and typically including biotin and vitamin B6. You can encourage the production of collagen with Vitamin C – in the absence of tearing your hair very easy. Citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers have a significant concentration of this vitamin.

I would appreciate an additional 250 mg of vitamin C, which helps in various fields to fight and wrinkles. Hair damage can be prevented with the addition of Vitamin E, which also helps the production of keratin. It also recommends a diet rich in iron, which is abundant in green vegetables, figs and dried fruits. For better absorption than that, be sure to make a profit and Vitamin C.

Your hair also needs zinc, about 30 mg per day.